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Our products are independent, third party verification for 100% legally harvesting of timber.

Lacey Act Compliance
All PanTim Wood Products, Inc. flooring is Lacey Act Compliant. To learn more about the Lacey Act, click here.

Our Mission
We are committed to providing our customers with beautiful, healthy, high quality wood products, especially flooring from environmentally and socially responsible forest sources. We continuously strive to enhance our products through innovation, technology, customer service and ethical business practices.

Since 1989 PanTim Wood Products has promoted wood products from plantation or sustainable forests. Our 100% vertically integrated production system allows us to manage the entire process from logs to finished product. We manufacture at the closest proximity to the resources using the latest technology and a commitment to highest yields. These practices allow us to offer high quality, environmentally friendly products at a competitive price.

Our forest practices guarantee a consistent supply of quality, legal timbers in an environmentally responsible manor, while enhancing the long term social and economic well being of forest workers and the local communities.

We believe that a properly managed, working forest can prevent the destruction of forests caused by conversion to such uses as palm oil plantations or cattle ranching.

In Thailand, our factory is located near century old plantations of trees raised for their natural latex sap. These small plantations are owned and maintained by more 6,000 local tree farmers. After 25 years the trees must be replaced. The harvested trees and are then used by our local flooring factory. This process allows the most efficient and productive use of sustainable tree farming while helping support the local economy and protecting the environment. View the letter from the Thai Bureau of Industrial Sectors Development.

We seek to eliminate or reduce to minimum harmful emissions from the coatings or adhesives. Our flooring products meet or exceed the 2010 California Air Resource Board Phase II requirements, the most stringent emissions in the world.

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